Draper Heroes Flagship NFTs

Draper Heroes is Tim Draper's Flagship NFT project that aims to reward and bring the Draper Ecosystem of Entrepreneurs, VC and Angels together

How can the Draper Network utilize NFTs to create a cohesive platform that
fosters community engagement, offers unmatched membership benefits,
and cultivates stronger loyalty among its members?

Draper Heroes NFT Strategy and Purpose.

During our collaborative workshops with the Draper Startup House team, we delved into their visionary objectives for the creation of an NFT. Together, we explored the captivating visuals they aimed to achieve and the diverse utilities they intended to offer. Through fruitful discussions, we established multiple tiers for the NFTs and expertly aligned them with their corresponding utilities.

Creating the Draper Heroes Brand and Artwork.

The initial workshops conceived the idea of Draper Heroes - a hero based brand that forms the heart of the Draper network. We then formulated the brand assets, logo and the conceptualised the NFT Art work. The style and elements with specialised NFT designers.

Animations for a 2D Draperverse.

What would be a better way to bring the Draper Heroes community together than by welcoming them to the Draperverse? We conceptualised and designed an animated 2D Draper verse to paint that vision for every heroic entrepreneur in the Draper Network.

Smart Contract Development and generating artwork with rarity.

Super heroes have super powers. Whether it’s a bitcoin or a flying car. We created 999 Draper Hero NFTs with varying rarities in a smart contract and minted it on Ethereum.

Putting it all together, website and open sea.

The Draper Hero website was the common space to bring the community, the minting together. This website is where community members to could go and mint the NFTs and become a part of the Draper Network.

Tech Stack Used

"The Inovatyv team did an amazing job building the Draper Heroes NFTs from ideation to execution. They were instrumental in helping us understand the user journey and then implement it with the best possible technology stack."

Vikram Bharati, Founder of Draper Startup House

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