Fewcents, designing and developing.

Giving Fewcents’ paywall an uplift and building their Consumer Wallet where users could top up FIAT and pay to unlock content.

How could Fewcent’s increase user conversion ?
1. Convert the free users to unlock paid articles using their wallet
2. Top up their wallet with 3-10$ so they could use it purchase paid content.

Branding and Colours from Scratch

Recreating Fewcents Brand. The team got back to the drawing board with the founders of Fewcents to work on their brands value proposition, messaging, colours, fonts and style which would go on to becoming the guiding principles in good UI/UX design and frontend development.

Improving the Paywall and the wallet.

Once the basic understanding of the brand was completed, the Inovatyv team started working on the Interactions, writeframes, Information Architecture and the designs. The last stage was prototyping that brought the user experience vision to life.

Developing the wallet for the users.

With the designs and prototypes approved, the Inovatyv team worked with the Fewcents’ backend team to build the frontend of the application using react and javascript.

Tech Stack Used

Inovatyv team was professional Right from the start. Their biggest USP is working very closely with the founders to understand their vision and translating them into a good product and brand”

Abhishek Dadoo, Co-founder & CEO Fewcents

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