Open Banking API, Standard Chartered Bank

Building an Open Banking API using a secure and standard framework for sharing financial data between banks, third-party providers, and customers.

How can SCB securely share financial data between banks, third-party providers and customers.

The solution - Open Banking API

We worked with SCB in implementing the open banking API’s  that allowed customers to access and utilize their financial information securely across multiple platforms and services. This initiative aimed to foster innovation, competition, and choice in the banking industry while ensuring data privacy and security through strict authentication and authorization protocols

KYC and Batch processing

We designed and developed critical components such as KYC and batch processing using Spring Boot. The efficiency and scalability of the solutions were tested using extensive unit tests, load tests, and stress tests to ensure the reliability and quality of the codebase.


The development process spanned several months, with ongoing iterations and enhancements to meet evolving business needs and address feedback from stakeholders.

Tech Stack Used

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